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Tuner Developer - Geoff Chirgwin

Geoff Chirgwin began tuning guitars while still in the womb. Undeterred by evidence suggesting this may well be a hopelessly impossible task, he continues his repeated attempts to this very day.

In the years immediately following the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, he moved on to the tuning of other instruments, including those made of brass. It was then he discovered it is impractical to rely on the factory tuning of a trombone. While studying Music Informatics at Indiana University, he became aware of software pitch tracking techniques, including auto-correlation, the method used in the present software.

On one vaguely religious winter holiday, he and his brother-in-law sought to escape the family hubbub by collaborating on the creation of an online web-based software tuner. This effort combined with repeated improvements, led to the tuner present on this site.

Mr. Chirgwin is currently writing his memoirs serialized as short single-paragraph vaguely biographic blurbs written in the third person.