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Tuner Developer - John Battagline

John Battagline is a world class flash developer and web smith. After spending several years of his life enslaved by the clutches of greedy American corporations, he finally succeeded in striking it out on his own as an engineer if various online trinkets that people use to make their lives easier.

This tuner site is one of the latest of John's endeavors. John was very frustrated with the fact that he had to speak with greasy musicians at the local instrument shop whenever he wanted to tune his guitar. This, combined with the fact that John is somewhat irresponsible with small electronics, lead to a lifetime of frustration and, ultimately, the decision to make an online tuner to alleviate the problem.

John is currently in the throes if promoting this website. And if you really wanna help his ass out, you'd spread the good word about this fabulous little tool that he and his brother in law, Geoff, have gone through the effort of putting online for free. Have a heart--and click on some of the social links on this page. It's the least you could do :D